Pro Bono Clerk


Pro Bono Clerk

for its Oxford branch office.


The Pro Bono Clerk is responsible to the Advocacy Director for the maintenance and support of the NMRLS pro bono program.


The Pro Bono Clerk is responsible for the following duties:

Coordination of referrals to Mississippi Volunteer Lawyer’s Project (MVLP);

  1. Receiving eligibility slips on conflicts from call center or branch office.
  2. Referral of conflicts by sending eligibility slip to MVLP by email;
  3. Notify applicant of referral, reiterate NMRLS is unable to serve, place and provide telephone number to MVLP and
  4. Create master file for eligibility slip on all conflicts.

Sending, collecting, and organizing of compliance documents;

Receive referrals from call center or branch office for referral to MVLP

  1. Review case note and verify case is within MVLP Priorities (confer with DOL or AA, if in doubt);
  2. Conduct client interview, complete the appropriate questionnaire and explain the referral process;
  3. Mail questionnaire, waiver, statement of facts, retainer and case documents for client to sign highlighting all places needing signatures;
  4. Tickle file for return of documents or request for extension within 15 days;
  5. Verify after 5 days the client has received the documents;
  6. Upon return of documents, verify all documents on the checklist have been received;
  7. If documents not returned within 15 days, contact client and grant appropriate extension;
  8. If documents are not returned after extension, return case to referring CC or branch office;
  9. If documents are timely returned, create physical file with copy of intake sheet and all documents;
  10. Refer through HUB for referral to MVLP and
  11. Scan case documents and email to Legal Intake Coordinator (currently Deborah Hicks)

Maintenance and updating of MVLP files and case systems;

Monitor HUB for acceptance or rejection

  1. Case rejected should be returned to the call center or branch office and the client notified their case was rejected by MVLP;
  2. Clients whose cases are accepted should be sent a letter notifying them of acceptance and provided the contact number for MVLP;
  3. After acceptance, provide customer service to clients who are unable to contact MVLP or their representative
  4. Cases initially accepted by MVLP but returned without service, should be accepted from the Hub and returned to the CC or branch office to close or provide other service.
  5. Case accepted by MVLP and receiving extended service, should be closed under the appropriate closing code, physical file placed in closed file drawer and client sent a client satisfaction survey.
  6. Cases from MVLP clinics and outreaches
  • Verify client eligible under LSC guidelines;
  • If eligible, open case file in kemps and create physical file.
  • Close under appropriate closing code.

Secretarial support for Pro Bono correspondence; and

Other administrative duties and responsibilities as assigned.

  1. Receive quarterly reports from MVLP and place in case notes
  2. Monitor number of referrals to ensure contract number of cases referred and closed.
  3. Monitor referrals from other providers through the HUB.


High school graduate and at least (3) years of practical experience with the following skills:

  1. Skill in typing and computer operation and proofing copy;
  2. Ability to organize and convey information in a concise fashion;
  3. Ability to maintain or project a positive image in face-to-face conversations as well as in telephone conversations and tactfully respond to client or employee questions, suggestions, or complaints;
  4. Research skills with a knowledge of procedures used to locate and obtain lost or missing forms or information and trace sources of errors; and
  5. Scheduling and coordination skill in making arrangements, scheduling work, and coordinating and orchestrating activities.

SUPERVISOR:  NMRLS Advocacy Director


Send resume, writing sample, and three (3) letters of reference to:

Gloria Bogan, Administrative Assistant
North Mississippi Rural Legal Services
P. O. Box 767
Oxford, MS 38655
(800) 898-8731

Or e-mail resume to: